Fall webworms start making an appearance – Weekly News

Contact(s): Todd Lanigan, forest health specialist, Todd.Lanigan@wisconsin.gov; 715-210-0150 MADISON–Web-like nests of fall webworm caterpillars, a common native pest active from July through September in Wisconsin, are beginning to appear in parts of the state. “Fall webworms are rarely large enough to cause lasting damage to trees, but the presence of …

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Warden Wire: Part One – Winter/Spring Highlights from outdoor beat: Bears, Bobcats, Bobbers, Kids & Kayakers

By: Joanne M. Haas/Wis. DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement Welcome to another edition of Warden Wire’s popular roundups of seasonal work performed by your DNR Conservation Warden Service. No two days in any season are the same for your wardens. The first six months of this year have been no …

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